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  • Assist the poor
  • Sell your Chametz
  • Minyan Schedule
  • Seder Times
  • Seu'dat Moshiach



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        In the opening paragraph of the Haggadah recited at the Seder, we declare: "All who are hungry, let them come and eat." Our nation is a singular entity, and in order to experience freedom ourselves, we must also ensure that our brothers and sisters have the means to celebrate freedom too.

        In reality, however, most of the people who are hungry will not be standing in our dining rooms as we begin our Seder, waiting for the invitation. As such, in preparation for the Passover holiday, it is age-old Jewish tradition to contribute generously towards funds that ensure that indeed everyone who is in need has the necessary provisions for the holiday—food, matzah, wine, festive clothing, etc.

        This special Passover fund, originally intended to provide the poor with matzah, is known as ma'ot chitim, "the wheat fund," or kimcha d'pischa, "Passover flour."

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        The Torah tells us that we must not have any Chametz in our possession. Chametz is any mixture of flour and water that was allowed to rise. This includes: cakes, cookies, vodka, pasta etc. Our Rabbis have prescribed a way to avoid having these things in our possession (short of finding every crumb left attached to any nook, cranny or pot in our cupboards) is to ‘sell’ this to a non-Jew for the duration of Passover. This is a true legally binding sale with provisions for non-payment etc. Yet this is the surest and safest way to exercise this Mitzvah. 

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Friday, April 3 7:00 PM Maariv followed by Seder
Saturday,  April 4
  9:00 AM Schachrit Minyan
  7:00 PM Mincha, Maariv followed Seder
Sunday,  April 5  
  9:00 AM Morning Minyan
  7:00 PM Mincha, Maariv followed Seder 
Friday,  April 10  


9:00  AM Morning Minyan                                    

  7:00 PM Mincha, Maariv followed Seder
Saturday,  April 11  
  9:00 AM Morning Minyan
  7:00 PM Mincha, followed by Seudas Moshiach - Passover closing service and Chassidic gathering.


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 Passover Seders




First Seder - Friday, April 3

Second Seder - Saturday, April 4

      The Seders both begin at 7:15 PM. Full sit-down traditional 4 course dinner. Shmurah Matzah, wine, grape juice and the four questions in at least three languages.

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Se'udat Moshiach

       At the end of Passover we will have a Special festive meal called Se’udat Moshiach which will be in the Rabbi’s home Saturday, April 11th at 7:00 PM. Save the date, it’s free! Get a tast of the time of Mashiach! A joyfull Chassidic tradition not to be missed! 


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