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      Purim is a holiday of sweetness and joy, a time when we reflect on the power of an individual and the victory of the Jewish nation in the face of destruction. One of the exciting elements of Purim is the obligatory giving of food gifts to friends and family. We are commanded to give at least two foods to at least one person, and they must be ready-to-eat food items. Mordechai, one of the Purim heroes, instituted the practice of Mishloach Manot, as is quoted in the Megillah: “Mordechai . . . enjoined the [Jews] to make the fourteenth day of the month of Adar . . . feasting and joy, and sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor.”



As we have for the past 17 years we will be preparing our annual Community Purim baskets. The way it works is simple;

  • We will prepare for each family one beautiful Purim gift basket
  • We ask from you to please contribute $54 (each family-one per family)
  • We will list on each basket the family names of all those that have participated and contributed the $54
  • Be a Mordechai sponsor for just $180
  • Be a Esther sponsor for just $360

We will prepare for each family one beautiful Purim gift basket

The baskets will be available for pick up at our Megilla reading in the Shul Wednesday Night, March 28th and at our Purim Party Thursday, March 1st.

Sponsor the ‘Gantze Megilla’ for only $360!

Rabbi, you do great work and I know you need the funds here’s $500. Happy Purim!

(All sponsors to get recognition on baskets)




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