All across the globe families are gathering for 'an international' celebration of Shabbat and we will too. On Friday night 1/27/17 - the Children will be the main focus of the evening. They will have made the Challah, they will sing the songs and they will get the prizes, won't you join us with your whole family?

Who: Families, children, young and 'young at heart'
What: A family celebration of Shabbat with all of the trimmings
Where: At Chabad in Wellington 13860 Wellington Trace -33414
When: Friday evening, January 27, 2017
Time: 6:00pm Service    *   6:30pm Dinner
Why: To enjoy as a family, as a community together as the entire world celebrates Shabbat!

Please RSVP!
Couvert $25/adults   * $12/children under 12   *  Family max $60

Sponsors Welcome and appreciated
Please see our video invitation above and then invite your friends!


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