Monday, May 25, 2020

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Re-Open our Shul? Never!

My Dear Friend,
How can we "Re-Open" something that was never really closed. Our Community Center has been in overdrive since we couldn't meet in person. Yet, as things emerge from quarantine so must we in our Shul!

THIS FRIDAY in honor of Shavuot we will read the Torah! The FIRST Time in over 3 months! Everyone is invited! However, we will do it "Smartly"!

1) Masks Must be warn for the duration of the srvice.
2) We will have the Torah reading outside! (weather permitting)
3) Hand sanitizer will be at the front door -Please use
4) Social Distancing will still be in effect. So: Kids should stay with their parents and chairs should stay where they are placed. Families may sit together.
5) We will NOT stay for a Kiddush or socializing.

It is prudent to remind everyone; If you don't feel well, stay home. If there's any question if you should attend ask your healthcare professional. If we all work together we can continue to function as a Community Center AND keep everyone safe! Thanks for understanding and your help getting through these difficult times.

So in Short:
This Friday, May 29th we will Read the Torah and say Kaddish at 11:00 AM 
Ice Cream will be distributed for you to take home. So bring the kids!
Shabbat, May 30th, Torah reading Kaddish and Yizkor 10:00 AM (Sharp)




 Wednesday, May 20, 2020


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Cheese Cake, Classes and MORE!

Shavuot is coming and that means Cheese Cake! 
Thursday night at 7:00 PM 
Rebetzin Miriam will be making Cheese cake. Make sure to get the following ingredients so that you can make along with her!
* Ready made pie crust (or..Graham Cracker and margarine) 
* 24 oz. of cream cheese
* Sugar
* Flour
* Lemon Juice
* Eggs
If desired for toppings; cherry or blueberry pie filling.
You will also need a food processor or blender.
Click here ON THURSDAY AT 7:00 PM to join the Zoom 


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  How are you COPING?

We are bombarded by negative news on a 24 hour cycle. We are staying close to home and wondering, "When will things return to NORMAL?
We are all feeling the strangeness of our times, we NEED a way to adapt, a way to COPE.
But please NOTE that this represents a DATE CHANGE.
RSVP Strongly requested! 
Please click here to register and RSVP!



Monday Night Ma'amar

Rabbi Muskal presents: Ma'amar in 90 minutes!
Delve into the depths of Chassidic understanding as we study a 'complete' discourse in 90 minutes.
This is open to people of all backgrounds, everyone will gain and walk away with a better insight and understanding of the upcoming holiday of Shavuot.
Click here on MONDAY NIGHT AT 7:00 PM to Join the Zoom


  Thursday, April 30, 2020


So Much To Share....

Dear Friend,
How long will we be locked in our homes? What will the world look like when we emerge...What will our HOMES look like?
This coming month Chabad Shares with you 3 great new online classes and lectures! These classes and lecture are meant to help YOU, Your TEENS and family get through this, not go crazy but in fact come out the other side BETTER!!!

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FIRST, is an exploratory experience for the home. Entitled, "Judaism at Home, the Final Frontier". When our Synagogues are closed and we have no where else to turn, let's explore what Judaism says about practicing at home. This 5 week course is open to all and will be on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM.


SECOND; Many have heard Rabbi Eli teaching Tanya and have asked about joining. NEW! STARTING next week on Monday nights at 6:00 PM, Rabbi Eli will be starting a new section of Tanya. Join and find our what it's all about!


THIRD. an evening with Psychologist Iris Kiner and Clinical Director Elaine Rotenberg entitled "Coping with our new reality" join us to get coping mechanisms for you, the family and dealing with your kids. 






To join any one of our FULL LIST OF CLASS ZOOM classes click the LINK below:

Mon . 6:00-7:15 PM Rabbi Eli's Tanya Classes.Click here
Tues. 7:00-8:00 PM Rabbi Mendy's Class on Judaism in the Home Click here
Wed. 6:00-7:00 PM Cteen Torah Talk and Game Click Here
Fri. 10:00-11:00 AM The Rebbetzin's Kitchen Click here
Fri. 6:30-7:00 PM Rabbi's Pre-Shabbat Speech Click here
Sat. Night 9:00 PM Havdalah and Story with Rabbi Muskal Click here.

Special Events:
Sunday Night May 3rd for Teens 8:00-9:00 PM Click 
Coping In our New reality, Thursday, May 14th 5:00 PM With Psychologist Iris Kiner and Clinical Director Elaine Rotenberg Click here

All Classes will open 15 minutes BEFORE class time for "socializing and shmoozing". Once class begins all participants will be muted. After main body of class  sound will once again be restored for questions and answers. This will allow for the best class experience. 


  Tuesday, March 31, 2020


My Most Important email.

Rather than bombard you with SOOOO many emails with various pieces of info, I list below EVERYTHING that you need for Passover. Don't delay, take action TODAY! Remember, Passover is ONE week away!

1) Sale of Chometz form please click here. Takes 2 minutes and gets the job done for an important Mitzvah!
2) Need Shmura Matzah? Need the items for your Seder Plate (like the horseradish and Charoset)? Did you know that Matza is also known as bread of Faith? But it's also known as BREAD OF HEALING!!!! Please click here to place your order! Order asap!
3) Below, look for number 3 for a list of all our LIVE Zoom classes and events! There is something for everyone! Adults, Teens and Children. See below!
4) Click the picture below for the Rabbi's new Video posted to FB entitled, "A Seder all alone?" A story of the Rebbe.... 2 Minute Videos to Inspire!
5) Here is a link to our website that has everything you wanted to know about Passover, making a Sedser etc (and even things that you don't want to know!). Plus "How-To" videos on making and doing it all! Click here to that page on our site! This is the most comprehensive Passover page you'll ever find!



3) Full List of what we're offering this week

If you've never "Zoomed" us then you don't know what you're missing! Click the link for the appropriate event/class//program at the correct time and you will be connected to everyone that joins us at that time! You can speak, ask questions and join in just like you're sitting with us; but from the comfort of your own home. Its exciting! (1st time it might prompt a download, one click and you're ready)
Here's the FULL list:

Each Morning at 8:00am we will share a Torah thought for 5 to 10 minutes with everyone and then, for whomever wants to stay on with us we will put on Tefillin and do a quick service. 
Daily 8:00 am link:https://us04web.zoom.us/j/414791001

Tuesday morning 8:00 am Torah thought by Rabbi Eli: What I learned from a Death-Row inmate!

Wednesday evening 5:00 pm for Teens. Q & A with Rabbi Eli and an online Game Clck this link https://us04web.zoom.us/j/206042450

Thursday evening 7:00 pm Ma'amar-Chassidic discourse; What Matzah did the Jews eat in Egypt? Before the redemption? Click link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/655029164

Friday evening 6:00 pm Rabbi Mendy's Pre-Shabbat sermon Click link https://us04web.zoom.us/j/411819539

Sunday Morning Hebrew School for 3 SEPERATE age groups At 10:00 am click here ckids.net/hslive


 Friday, March 27, 2020



Human Sacrifice? 

Please watch the video above on our Facebook to hear our next installment of "2 minute videos to inspire". Then, like and share it to help us spread the word! (It also answers the above question!)
In this email:

1) Corrected website. Our "Seder Kit to Go" order form is up and running. Please visit www.WellingtonJewishCenter.org for all of your Passover needs. A printable Hagadah, video instructions and more!

2) This Sunday have your children join thousands of kids for an online Sunday School. It's FUN, entertaining and best of all they will learn about Passover!
10 AM on Sunday click here!

3) Once again the opportunity to "Create Shabbat" within our homes this Friday night should not be missed. Lighting candles at 7:18 in Wellington area.



 Thursday, March 26, 2020



Dear Friend,

1) Click the picture above to view our latest 2 min video entitled, "Was Judaism born in a Quarantine?" It also has some vital info at the end.
Please help our FB status by liking and sharing the video. Thanks.

2) Tonight at 5:00 pm Rabbi Eli invites all Teens to a 'Zoom' meeting and they can "Ask the Rabbi" anything!
Join the Teen Zoom Meeting by clicking here and entering Meeting ID: 447 614 011 5:00 pm.

3) See below to get a letter in a NEW UNITY TORAH being written to help overcome our current circumstances and bring healing to all who need it. See below please!

4) FINALLY, we at Chabad are looking to make sure every single family has the tools necessary to make the Seder in your home. So we are offering you a full SEDER PLATE in a BOX!
This will contain 3 hand-made Shmurah Matza. FULL Seder plate (with Egg, Zroah, Charoset, Parsley, and 2 kinds of Marror) we will also have instructions!

Dear Friend,

In the days of the Baal Shem Tov a dreadful disease ravaged his hometown, Mezibush. Men, women and children were falling to this epidemic.  Out of desperation, the community asked that the Baal Shem Tov daven/pray on their behalf.
The Rebbe responded that the annulment of the decree was in  their hands and that the entire community participate in writing a new Torah. They accepted and the Baal Shem Tov instructed his Sofer/scribe to begin writing this Healing Torah. Lo and behold, as the Torah was written, the community began to heal.
In these difficult times of pandemic and isolation, it is more important than ever to stand united. A  Unity Torah for Healing in Florida is currently being written. Our thanks to Rabbi Klein for spearheading this tremendous project. This is our way for all of us to stay safe.
Each letter is only 1 dollar! Dedication opportunities available. Please click here for details and to get a letter for each of your family members!
Let us together storm the heavens and eradicate this virus from our midst!



  Friday, March 20, 2020





Social Closeness but from a distance!

Dear Friend,
This week we had 37 participants in 8 ZOOM Classes! What's a 'Zoom' class? It's where you and I can get together in a video, face-to-face meeting to share thoughts, Torah and to shmooze. We can have a coffee 'together' online. 
This Shabbat there is no Minyan, no Torah reading and no communal Kiddush. However, if you want to hear the Rabbi's Speach please Click on this link at 5:00 PM (if its your first time join us 5 minutes before so you can get your computer ready). Click Here to join our meeting on Zoom! (at 5pm)

A reminder to look for us on FaceBook after Shabbat for a traditional Shabbat Night Story!

Sunday School for ALL kids!

This Sunday 10:00 am join over 40,000 kids ages 5-13 for Hebrew School!
Give the kids a fun and interactive time learning about their heritage.
Sit them by the computer and click here.
You're Welcome!


Last thing:

This Shabbat Jews all across the globe will join together for an unprecedented show of UNITY. Let's all make Shabbat Holy. Start by:
1. Lighting the candles (in Wellington area) at no later than 7:15pm The page below has the Blessings for you to make it easier!
2. Sit down with the family WITHOUT all of electrical noise and Make the Kiddush blessing over acup of wine or grape juice. The page below has the kiddush on it for you!
3. Then make the blessing over the Challah/Bread.
4. Share a Story, Thought, Song that will enhance the meal and bring the family together. Turn Fri night into Shabbat
Below are 4 pages that can assist in enhancing your Shabbat experience. PLEASE PRINT THEM OUT BEFORE SHABBAT. Thanks.








  Thursday, March 19, 2020




A Shabbat of Unity. When we are physically separated but are ONE from across the globe! Click on the picture above to watch a 2 minute video.


Dear Friend,

How can a Synagogue close? How will we stay as a community together? Please watch the 2 minute video. This will be our first in a series of 2 minute inspirational thoughts, stories and Torah that is meant to unite us even in these difficult times.
To join our Whatsapp group please save my number in your phone and send me a text. My number is 561-386-3090
All the best and stay safe,
Rabbi Mendy Muskal


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In the Wellington area the time to light is 7:15 pm
If you are in another area please click the picture and enter in your location



 Monday, March 16, 2020


Say NO to Social Distancing!

Yes. We must stay physically apart from each other. We MUST make sure to curtail the spread of this horrible virus. But we should NEVER be socially distant from one another!
Allow me to explain the TREMENDOUS opportunity that is available to us. 
When was the last time that you paused EVERYTHING in your life, stopped work, travel, you even cut back on going out grocery shopping! Was it when you last went on vacation? But when was the last time you did this AT HOME!?!
Now, look around you. REALLY, look around. Are you 'stuck' at home with a spouse? With the children? Maybe a sibling or a few?
How about you put down the phone, got off the computer and went over to them. You sit down next to them, pick up their hand and look them square in the eyes! What do you think would happen? OK, maybe they'd think something was wrong at first, maybe that you're already going stir crazy (or just plain crazy!), but how do you think they'd react?
There has not been an opportunity like this in over 100 years. Where we are being told to stay home with our loved ones and given the opportunity to spend TRUE and QUALITY time with them. Try playing a board game, telling stories or even cards. Tell each other jokes, or better yet, speak to them about what's really going on in your life!
Don't be distant from your loved ones. Practice 'Social closeness' with the people that you love. From a safe distance! But get closer.
As many have already surmised we will NOT have any services or classes etc. at our Community Center for the next week (at least). So here are a few links to help:
For those that have the need to say Kadish after a loved one please use this link to have someone say it on your behalf.
At Chabad we have over 10,000 Hours of Torah classes and lecture online ready for you to view, listen or loin!
Here's a Playlist to keep you busy. Click here


Special for Teens

Rabbi Eli will have a LIVE discussion special for teens. Entitled: How strong must my faith be, or should I listen to the doctor and take the medicine? A look at the crossroads of Faith and practical action.
Tuesday at Noon. Join the video conference by clicking here
Link will only work Tuesday at Noon!
(allow the Zoom app to open or download to join the virtual video room)


Special for Younger Children

Want to teach your child about Passover? Want them to learn the songs, have a craft project and ENJOY hearing about our heritage? And from YOU!?!
Here at Wellington Chabad we are preparing a 'Passover Hagadah Craft' booklet. It will have pages for coloring, some games and will come along with the stories for you to share as your child learns about this great holiday.
Please help us by replying to this email. Let us know if we should prepare this FREE gift for your child. 
Know someone else that can benefit from this? Send them the email or send us their address. We hope to have these in the mail within the next 2 days