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Thank you, thank you and Thank YOU!

We made it! and even blew past our goal! I would like to personally thank all of you that participated, pledged and contributed. First, we must thank our gracious patrons that offered to match all of these contributions; Bernard and Annie Royer together with Mr. Danny A. They helped us get this campaign started. Thanks! I want to also thank our LAST 2 contributors that helped us blow past our goal of $18,000 for a total of $18,162! Thank you Ben and Debbie Pincus together with Jeff and Rebecca Mansbach, Thanks!

David & Maria Ania
Marty Bauman
Barry & Dorothy Bienen
David  Boltson
James Buckowski
Ken & Debbie Clien
Amy & Randy Dow
Barry & Helen  Edelstien
Roberta Feinberg
Drs. Douglas & Sharon Freedman/Haas
Boaz & Ayelet Fridman
Ann  Friedlander
Sandi Gladding
Yehudah & Shavie Glatzer
Dovy Glatzer
Myra Gold
Avrohom & Edna Goldstien
Stacey Greene
Darrin & Jodi Gurewitz
David & Lina Issan
Ms. Cila Jerochim
Anthony & Shari Julius
Dr. David & Rosemarie Kanter
Marc & Shelley Kerschner
Dr. Mel Kohan
Yizhak & Chani  Kupfer
Micheal & Stacey Lampert
Glenn & Evelyn Lane
Carrol Lesnick
Drs. Ronald & Carol Levin
Avi & Este Levinson
Leon & Mali Liberty
Adam & Keren Magin
Mr. & Mrs. Yeal Maoz
Danny & Tamar Marrone
Herschel & Yoli Mendelwager
Chaim & Suri Mozes
Rabbi Y. Muskal
Michelle Muskus
Eric & Michelle Nelson
Cindy  Phillips
Jonathan & Jenna Phillips
John & Ahuva Reilly
Mendy & Brocho Rendler
Yona & Rochi Rendler
Oved & Orly  Salama
Debra Salama
David & Lisa Schneider
Haim & Maya Scwartz
Dennis & Margo Seigel
Ami & Aricelli Shabbot
Ronnie & Julie Shamosh/Pass
Mr. Loius Shapiro
Eli & Este Shoulklaper
Arny & Nadine Silverman
Joel, Jodi & Alex Sirner
Alan & Nancy Tobin
Mark & Cheryl  Trzasko
Isaac & Susan Turgeman
Itamar & Nicole Wall
Dr. Jeffrey & Becky Wisnicki


Donating By Mail

Send Check to:

Chabad Jewish Center in Wellington
1755 Grantham Drive
Wellington, Fl. 33414

Donate Tangible Items:
Cars, Land and Equipment... please call Rabbi Muskal (561) 333-4663(561) 333-4663



Chabad is in need of a vehicle. If you have one and can donate it to Chabad it would be used for many a Mitzvah!

Even if your vehicle is not in the best condition we have someone that would help us put together all of our donated cars (or trucks & boats!!) and help us get the vehicle that we need.