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A Community Dinner will be held the first Night of Rosh Hashanah.

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Special Childrens Program for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur !


Dear Friend


I would like to extend an invitation for free Holiday tickets! This is not a gimmick or an advertising ploy. This is a personal invitation for you to join us this holiday season and experience what it can feel like in a warm communal yet personal atmosphere where we are concerned for your individual interest and growth.

I don’t know what you’ve experienced until now; however, here at Chabad we are family! We will welcome you as you are, listen to you express your Judaism and encourage you to participate and grow with our ongoing programs and activities.

You ask, “How do you pay your bills if you don’t charge and make demands”? We answer; it has been our belief for over a decade that when people participate and benefit themselves they then want to assist us in helping others.

Should you prefer to sponsor something (an item or program) please contact me directly as I welcome all means of participation. 

I am so sure that you will love it here that I will again repeat my invitation to join us for the High Holidays for free!

Looking forward to seeing you and best wishes for a great year,

Rabbi Mendy Muskal


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  First Night Maariv - 7:00 PM
  Community Dinner follows
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  1st Day Shacharit - 9:30 AM
  Shofar Blowing - 11:30 AM
  Tashlich - 6:30 PM
  Maariv - 7:15 PM


  Shacharit - 9:30 AM
  Shofar Blowing - 11:30 AM
  Maariv - 7:15 PM


Fast of Gedaliah

Wednesday, September 2

  Shacharit - 9:30 AM
  Mincha/Maariv - 6:45
  Break-the-fast follows

  Sponsor a break-the-fast, call Rabbi Muskal!

Suggested donation for non-members: $100

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